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Dive Into the New Age of Intelligent Energy Systems

Our Solutions

Fully Integrated Platform

Heimdalytics offers a fully integrated platform to build intelligent solutions.  Key aspects of the platform are:

  • Reinforcement Learning,

  • Data Management,

  • Advanced Sensing and Control, and

  • User Interface.

The local advanced sensing is linked to the cloud based data management utilizing high-security communications. The platform is designed so that only periodic communications is necessary, ensuring that the operation of the energy asset is never interrupted.

Battery Management

While lithium-ion batteries are prevalent in our lives, they are made safe through the encasement of the battery, combined with temperature sensing and cycle counting.  This strategy is effective for electronics and small mobile applications, but impractical for large systems.  Large systems require accurate measurement of a battery's “state of health”, so that it may be isolated and replaced before failing. Further, accurate measurement of the energy stored, referred to as its “state of charge”, is necessary to fully utilize the asset.

Heimdalytics' unique solution is the subject to a pending patent based on impedance spectroscopy, and further information is available upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement.

Contact us for further information.

Battery Diagnosis and Repair

Our data-driven analysis platform also allows the quality of firmly welded battery modules to be assessed. We then go one step further. We will find suitable used exchange modules from your inventory with the same quality. This dramatically reduces costs and allows existing battery resources to continue to be used sustainably. For a rapid replacement our solution takes care for a fast balacing of all cell to the same SOC of the complete battery.

And most important: This technology works for nearly all battery module types of electric vehicles.


Contact us for further information.

Other Energy Management Solutions

Heimdalytics' integrated platform can be applied to a number of applications.  For example, in mechanical energy systems, vibration signatures can be analyzed.  The options are numerous.  Please contact us with your challenges to discuss a solution.

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