Energy Management Analytics through Artificial Intelligence

Superior Battery Management through Continuous Adaptation

Energy Management Analytics


Heimdalytics' core energy management solutions are based on the analysis of measured quantities utilizing leading edge artificial intelligence to “watch-over” critical energy assets. Our solutions are based on the use of non-invasive sensing technology, wherever feasible.

Our first motivation is the need to solve battery management issue, especially for the growing Li-Ion battery industry.  Batteries require management systems that provide a high degree of accuracy in terms of the amount energy stored, their internal temperature and state of health. This is achieved through continuous adaptation of battery models.

Beyond battery management, Heimdalytics utilizes its artificial intelligence infrastructure to offer complete management of the energy storage asset.  This includes learning routines to optimize financial returns.

Let Your Batteries Live Longer and Operate them with More Reliability

Large-scale battery systems are one the most expensive assets in an energy supply system. A failure in a single cell can cause a chain reaction leading to a catastrophic event, with safety and cost implications.

This substantial risk is mitigated by Heimdalytics' adaptive battery solution. The solution flags failing battery cells so action can be taken, whether through maintenance or automatically through protections.

Cloud Analytics

Our cloud solution offers  life record of every single cell in your battery system

Versatility in Application

Our methodology is independent of the cell chemistry used.

Artificial Intelligence

We utilize self-learning algorithms in combination with impedance spectroscopy to develop battery models that adapt over time.

Full Customer Experience Service

We offer complete hardware and software solutions, from measurement to data management to the customer interface.

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